How much radiated power does it take to create an S9 signal?

Try this quick quiz:

What is the EIRP of a 7MHz transmitter that results in a S9 signal at a receiver located 1km from the transmitter, is it closest to:

  1. 5 Watts;
  2. 1 Watt;
  3. 300 milliWatts;
  4. 5 milliWatts;
  5. 3 microWatts.

Answer: e, it is as little as just 3 microWatts EIRP.

Remember that it takes less than a nanoWatt EIRP (ie 10E-9 Watts, a thousandth of a millionth of a Watt) of leakage of radiofrequency energy at 7MHz from BPL enabled power lines 10 metres from a dipole to cause S9 level interference.

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