Why doesn't my NFM.INI key file work?

You can tell if NFM has found your NFM.INI file and interpreted it correctly, your id will show in the Help About dialogue.

The keyfile MUST be a plain ASCII text file, unaltered and named NFM.INI. It MUST be installed in the NFM program directory (default=C:\Program Files\NFM). Check for its existence and contents.

Beware if you save the file from an email client that it hasn't tricked you with the filename, for example NFM.INI.eml or NFM.INI.txt.

My email address has changed, will it break NFM.INI?


I have installed NFM in a different directory to the default, and I have problems

The default program directory in the installation package is usually C:\Program Files\NFM . It is chosen to be consistent with Windows installation conventions and is a good choice.

NFM can be installed in a directory of your choice, and it does work properly.

Almost ALL of the support questions that I receive are from people who install NFM in another directory, and their problem is not NFM, it is related to their understanding of where the files are located, and since they often don't know where they are now located (the primary problem), I can't help them other than to advise them to reinstall NFM in the default directory so that at least I know the location of the files.

Because of the time wasted on resolution of these problems, I cannot give assistance to resolve problems where NFM is installed elsewhere than the default offered by the installer program. If you have problems, reinstall NFM using the defaults, see if the problem still exists, and if it does, then contact me.

If you think you have a need to install NFM in other than the default directory, read "Starting NFM in a different directory?" . 

My own practice is that:

  • I always install NFM in the default directory;
  • I never "start" NFM in that directory; and
  • I do not store any data files (eg TSV files) in that directory.

Starting NFM in a different directory

By default, NFM will start in the directory containing NFM.EXE.

This is not a good place to store your data files, such as saved results and profile files.

You can create a shortcut and specify an alternative working directory in the properties of the shortcut.

What is wrong with using AM mode on the receiver with NFM?

NFM depends on receiver system linearity. Tests with a range of receivers using an SSB detector indicate that good linearity is achievable. The SSB receiver is essentially used as a frequency down converter.

Tests on AM detectors indicate linearity is poorer. Indeed, examination of audio noise output indicates that on some receivers, the negative peak is significantly different in amplitude to the positive peak and since that is not a property of the white noise input, non-linearity is indicated.



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